University Of One

World's Premium Gamify & E-Learning Platform


University of One is a premium LMS & Virtual Reality enabled immersive learning platform systems developer and consulting experts. As a division of the online international education Pioneer in higher education, Global Academy (Online), the specialized division is also recognized internationally as the founder and developer of the cutting edge Education technology known as the University of One V/Classroom, a VR/AR Immersive platform adaptable to all levels of education from K-12 to Post Graduate and every skills training model in-between.


University of One is presently offering following services

1. Strategic Planning and Preparation

2. Expert Financial Planning

3. License e-Learning LMS

4. License VR Learning Platform

5. License course contents


We build services you require, and prepare you for those you will need in the future. Available consulting services are as follows:

1. Faculty Training in VR Immersive Technology
2. Curriculum Design for VR/AR Immersive platform
3. Marketing & Articulation with Institutions you can assist with your Learner Systems Planning



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