VR Therapy Platform

VR Therapy Platform - Treat Phobia, Anxiety and Stress.

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

UO1 - VR Therapy Platform treat Phobia, Anxiety & Stress symptoms. This product is specially developed for mental health professionals. Product is developed on the foundation of Exposure therapy. This allows Patient – guided by a trained therapist – face their trauma memories in a controlled and safe virtual reality environment. 

Treat Multiple Phobia's

One platform to treat multiple phobias such as Heights Phobia, Spiders Phobia, Dogs Phobia, Weather Phobia, Crossing Bridges Phobia, Fear of Dark, Fear of Confined Space etc.   

Powered by Brain Computer Interface

UO1 - offer health and wellness biometrics for wearable devices. Market-leading biosensor technologies provide a foundation for analyzing biometric data in a way that’s never before been practical. 

Commercial / Academic License Available 

University of One - VR Therapy Platform is now available to Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Therapists. This is a all-in-one pack and each license includes Therapy software + 1 VR head mounted device + 1 brain computer interface device. We are also offering academic edition of University of One - VR Therapy Platform to universities and colleges. Special training available on request. For licensing queries please contact here.

Virtual Reality In Education

VR Therapy Platform works smoothly on Windows 10 hardware. You can use it along with Virtual Reality head mounted hardware powered with Android mobile. Product also supplied with Brain computer Interface device.

For the people suffering from VR motion sickness, output can also be projected and experienced through big screen television. A flat television screen is enough to create illusion of immersion. It is powerful enough to completely immerse the user inside the virtual world, giving the impression to the user that he/she has “stepped inside” the synthetic world. Big TV screen project digital reality just in front of the eyes and allows users to focus on display without distraction. 

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